Floral Products & Services

Entertain with Jane  provides Wedding Assistance from the Proposal to the Big Day!  Be prepared to see some of the most creative and stunning wedding floral design .

Entertain with Jane helps make throwing a party less stressful.  Let Jane and her staff handle the decorating, setup and breakdown for you.  With years of party and event experience, Entertain with Jane has got what it takes to make you shine!

Looking for a unique and charming location for yourWedding?
Look no further!  Entertain with Jane has their very own exclusive
Breathtaking 6 Acrea Horse Farm in stunning, Middletown, NJ An absolutely ideal location for a romantic countryside wedding.

>> All Inclusive Wedding Package Available

Basket of Romance
Classic Elegance
Gerber Garden Delight
“I Love You with All My Heart”

Need "just a little something" for your kitchen, guest bath, or dashboard? Or maybe you'd like to GET CREATIVE!
The perfect answer is to buy by-the-stem from our showroom floor. Since most varieties peak best at room temperature, we keep the stock we work from right out in the shop. Those few exceptions which need to be refrigerated until used are available, too..... just ask us.
Collection of containers, vases, urns, cachepots, silverplate, and more
While you're at it, be sure to check our extensive selection of containers: vases, urns, cache pots, silverplate, and more.From simple glass to real artistic treasures, your only challenge will be to choose the one that's right for the particular use you have in mind. Of course our design/sales team will be happy to assist you in choosing both your flowers and containers.

>> Award winning Creative Cake and Cupcake designs
Cake with flower icing
Example of creative cake